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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Greyhound Insider.

If it’s winning sports betting tips you are after, then look no further!

The man behind Greyhound Insider we believe is THE NUMBER ONE greyhound tipster in the UK.

He is an owner & breeder and there isn’t a face worth knowing in the greyhound world that he doesn’t have in his contact book.

He has been supplying winning greyhound tips for a leading tipping website for the past 2 years & has been backing them himself for over 26.

It is an absolute honour and privilege to have him now working exclusively with us at The Bet Professionals.

Now, although we are obviously not allowed to name him, we can assure you that all the greyhound tips he passes on he is betting on himself with his own money.
t's a known fact that most punters lose money and there are many different reasons for this, it can be poor knowledge, poor money management or even emotional reactions. In fact, it's often a combination of many factors that means people continually fail or simply give up.

However, if you eliminate all these negative factors, you can get a very positive outcome - in other words, you WIN money regularly. This is exactly the scenario that the Greyhound Insider service offers.

Our man will focus on value first and this is how he has been so successful for so long, if he knows a dog will start shorter than the morning price, then we step in and take full advantage.

You can see all totals and results: HERE
He is looking for just 75 People to work with and no more, the kind of people he wants to work with will he believe influence market prices so 75 is the absolute maximum members he will accept into his exclusive club.

His advice will ONLY be sent to members once he has got his own money down, these are the exact bets from the exact sources that have given him a full-time career as a professional gambler for over 15 Years now.

See what previous members have said about our New Tipster
(Genuine Provable Testimonials)

"I have found him very consistent unlike most other tipsters no long losing runs and plenty of action. Up 600 points this year which is 18k for me at my stakes only problem is I am on my 2nd friends betting account." - Dave

"Any service which doubles its starting bank in three months is worthy of respect! "– Matt

"Please convey my thanks to your Tipster who smashed it at Romford last night"– Phil

"Just wanted to say great results, not only these last 2 days but the year as a whole. I've managed to double my stake and bank thanks to you. Keep up the good work." - Alan

  • £3,459.26 Profit with £10 a point Stakes

Since first proofed September 2015,

  • Achieves a 29.67% Return

How often do your investments see a return of 29%? Now you can average that every month!

  • Full Customer Support

We provide support for Premier Greyhound Tips via email and in the exclusive members area

  • Years of Experience

This tipster that has stood the test of time and his service has been around since 2015...

  • Not Odds-On Favourites

Greyhound Inside focusses on value and overpriced selections

  • Selective Betting

Generally just one bet a day advised with a max of two bets.

6 Reasons to Join Greyhound Insider
Why You Need to Grab Your Place Today

The Greyhound Insider followers who are betting £50 a point are averaging over £4,000 a month and this is over nearly four years.

You can view every bet over this time: HERE

Even if you half that to £25 we are talking about some very serious returns month after month.

Be Warned - Places Are Strictly Limited!
No Experience Required!

How Much Exactly Could You Make?
To show our appreciation for your interest, myself and The Bet Professionals have three fantastic, prices for you to choose from - each better value than the last!

The 3 Month deal, works out at an incredibly great value £25 per month, saving you a massive £66 overall for your first period!!!

I honestly believe that once your betting bank begins to experience the full benefits of following these daily selections you will come to appreciate the brilliant value of the subscription choices on offer today.

Make your mark, take your pick. Click below.
 £47 a Month
Note, the Greyhound Insider is looking for serious people who want to work with him for the long term which is why we have agreed some incredible offers for the longer-term subscription deals.

Start getting serious with your betting today and join us for superb long term profits. Details of bank and staking will be emailed to you straight away after joining then sit back and just wait for your first winning tip to be delivered to your inbox!

Today is the day your betting fortunes change for good.

Kind Regards,

Greyhound Insider & The Bet Professionals

The Bet Professionals,
34 Cornhill, Allestree, Derby, DE1 3FD, United Kingdom
£75 First Quarter 
(Just £25 a Month)